Nachman Shai
Former Knesset member of the Zionist Camp. Was IDF Spokesman and CEO of the international Jewish organization UJC
Yehuda Joshua Glick
Knesset member of Likud. Chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation
Mickey Levy
Knesset member of  Yesh Atid. Was commander of the Jerusalem district for the Israel Police and police attache in the United States.
Zeev Elkin
Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage; Knesset member of Likud. Was Minister of Immigration and Absorption.
Michael Melchior
Rabbi, leader of the Mosaica Center for Interreligious Cooperation. Was Minister of Social and Diaspora Affairs
Reuven Rubi Rivlin

President of the State of Israel

Alan Hoffmann
former CEO Jewish Agency
Moshe Lion
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