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Dear Teachers and Principals! Are you looking for an activity for the festivals that will connect your students to Jerusalem and the Jewish legacy?

Join us online for a
live broadcast - a live tour for the students for the month of Elul, of the famous Jerusalemite HaNevi’im Street/We will meet inspiring figures and will visit interesting sites. The Rav Kook House, and the house of the famous artist Anna Ticho and her husband, the eye doctor, Avraham. We will trace the daily footsteps of the Father of the Prisoners, the Jerusalemite pious man, Rabbi Aryeh Levin. We will go to the house of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who brought the Hebrew language back to life. We will also visit the first clinic of the pediatrician, Dr. Helena Kagan, and more

Are you interested in hearing more about a live tour for students in English and other content about the Tishrei festivals? Join us for a pedagogic CE course. Sign up here: 

The activity will take 45-50 minutes. During the activity, there will be pre-prepared films and guided activities.The activity is free of charge, but requires signing up, participation requires a screen and internet connection. Limited spaces available! Sign up here :
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